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Dick van Heerde

Dick van Heerde was born in Venlo (a city in the South of the Netherlands) in 1954. When he was ten years old he made his first oil paintings.
Between 1976 and 1979 he took part in the restauration of the organ windows belonging to the Amsterdam's "Nieuwe Kerk" (the Coronation Church) and became familiar with 17th century Dutch painting techniques. As his admiration for the old Dutch masters grew he developed a passion for painting landscapes and menagerie. It would have a major influence on his style of painting.

In 1986 he decided to dedicate himself full time to the art of painting.
At first the European wildlife was his his main theme.
Three years later Dick van Heerde travelled to Tanzania for the first time and instantly fell in love with the country's wide steppe scenery and wildlife. He expressed his fascination for Africa and it's endangered species through his monumental paintings. Several trips to Kenya and Tanzania followed. He continues to observe animals in their natural environment and makes studies of them every year during his safari trips.

The World Wildlife Fund has used his images in campaigns supporting the struggle for the preservation of the natural habitats and endangered species. Nowadays Dick van Heerde is a well known international artist.
He is cofounder of the Watoto Samburu, a foundation that is dedicated to offering medical and educational to the children of a manyatta of a Samburu tribe in Kenya.

Recently a beautiful art book of his paintings was published.

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